About me –
My hobbies, family and interests

Get to know me, by reading this page with information about me. I have quite some hobbies and interests, but here is everything in a nutshell!

My history

I was born in Chefchouen, but we moved to Tetouan in 2007. I became a member of the Scout and after a while, I became a leader. Besides being a leader at the Scout, I also finished high school and started College.

I finished the first two years of my study in Physics and now I’m in the second year of my study Management.

Now I’m living a new experience with Erasmus plus program in turkey; I will be here for one 1year.

My family

I have a big brother and a younger sister. We live together with my parents and our dog Sandra in Tatouan. The rest of my family also lives in Tetouan, so we can visit them all the time.

I am very close with my niece and nephews, they also feel like a sister and brothers to me. We spend a lot of time together and we are one big family.

My hobbies

Some things I like to do in my free time are: watching movies, baking, hiking, hanging out and shopping with friends. I also have a big interest in Science, mathematics, psychology and different cultures and languages. One of my other hobbies is reading books and following workshops about those subjects.


I love learning new languages. I speak fluent Moroccan and Arabic. I am pretty fluent in French and English and I’m learning Dutch and Turkish now.

What I like the most about learning a new language is that I can communicate with more people. I like to talk to people, so I can learn more about them, their country, and their culture.


Like I mentioned before, I have a big interest in Science, mathematics, psychology and different cultures and languages. I like to follow and give workshops and classes about those subjects. There are so much interesting and amazing things about those subjects, that people don’t know about.

Working with children

Since I was younger I knew that I like to work with children. I like how children see the world so different and how they can put a new light on the situation. I am always so surprised that children know more than we think.

Since my big interest in physics, I also started teaching children about this subject. After a while I also started teaching Mathematics and Science. I really enjoy this, because I can work with children and help them. I love to see progress and my favorite part is when they get excited when they understand the material.


I love to go on adventures, small and big. I love to go out with the car, just ride around and go to amazing places. One of my favorite places to go to is the beach, I can stay on the beach the whole day if the weather is good.